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Where the thing has its time, and so maybe even the big stars of the 90s. Some have stayed in the limelight, while others have gone through difficulties in different ways. Below you see how some of the 90s most talked out celebrities look and what they do today – had you recognized them?

Amanda Bynes hit through with noise and brak at the end of the 90s with the comedy series all that. Then we saw her in everything from the Amanda Show to What I like about you, what a girl wants and she’s all that. But somewhere it started to perform; In 2012, she was charged for steering wheel and accused for drug holdings, and since 2013 her assets have been managed by her parents who act as the American equivalent of good man. At the beginning of 2020, she posted that she was sober for 14 months, and in the spring it was also claimed that she is pregnant with her first child. We hope everything is on the way right for the 90s star!

We all remember all what fuss it was around Lindsay Lohan a few years ago? From the innocent faying in the parental source from 1998, via acclaimed efforts in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, to speak out about their alcohol abuse and two drunk drills, six arrests, seven traffic accidents, two weeks in prison and go out to rehab six times in incredible Noticed interview with Oprah Winfrey 2013. Lately it has been quiet around Lindsay Lohan, but in recent months she has begun to share pictures from his life on Instagram and we keep the thumbs to even she is on the right path.

One of the most iconic movies that virtually everyone knows must be alone at home, which came out in 1990. But Maccauley Culcin had it tougher than many of us had been able to ana – already as a 14-year-old he applied to become authorized from His parents who both tried to take control of his then fortune of 17 million in their divorce, an application that went through. He should also have had a close relationship with Michael Jackson and called a witness to his defense during a trial, and it has long been ruminated for a heavy drug abuse. Despite this, the Guardian Reporter Rhik Samader writes that, no matter what routines Maccaulay Culkin has to relax, is surprised how not destroyed (“un-screwed up”) star is.