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– They were willing to lie to protect other family members, but they were not prepared to say the truth to protect me, she says about “the company”, a frequently used term for the royal house.

Meghan continued to talk about how it was to live in an existence where everything was strictly controlled by the royal house. She said she had hardly showed public because of concern about how it would be perceived.

The interview then slipped over on how it went to when Harry’s and Meghan’s son Archie never got any Prinin title of the Queen. She demeaned that it would have been the couple’s own desire.

Then came the first great revelation in the interview: Meghan stated that people in the royal house during pregnancy discussed with Harry how dark-skinned baby would be.

– During the months when I was pregnant, it was discussions that he will not get any safety or a title, but also concerns and discussions about how dark his skin would be when he was born, what it would mean and how it would look like.

– I will never tell them about them. It was unpleasant, but I’m not prepared to share with me what question was asked. It was just at the beginning. Already before we got married, there were clear signs that it would be difficult, he said.

Meghan then made another dark disclosure. She said that her time as a royalty was “closest impossible to survive” – ​​that she had pronounced suicidal thoughts.

– I didn’t want to live anymore. It was a very real, frightening and constant thought. I thought it had been the solution for everyone.

She says she turned to a loud person in the royal house and appealed for help – but got no. Then she turned to the personnel department and says she received the answer:

– I feel with you because we see how bad it is. But we can’t help you because you are not a paid employee.

Meghan told about a picture taken in the Royal Albert Hall where she holds Harry’s hand during an official event. A friend heard and said they looked amazing in the picture – but there was a dark back.

This is the event Meghan Referred to In The Interview, Where Harry Is Holding Her Hand So Tightly:

The picture was taken, she said, shortly after she had told Harry that she did not want to live longer.

– Harry had said: “I don’t think you should follow this event”. I replied I didn’t think I could be left alone.

With Harry connected to the interview came so the answer to what it is for a crab that grows in Meghan’s stomach.

– Any child had been fantastic. But having a boy and a girl, what more can you ask for, says the prince.

A little later, Oprah asked that in the easiest terms get an answer to why the couple left the royal family.

He worried about Meghan would go the same tragic fate to meet as his mother, Princess Diana. The press came from newspapers, from social media and from the royal house itself.

Harry stated that from Canada had three conversations with the queen and two with his father, Prince Charles, introducing the announcement of the break from the royal house.

– I had no idea what I would do, I was not prepared. I ended up in a very dark place, he said.

– It is simply no discussion you have. I think I was ashamed to admit it to them. I had no one to turn to.

On the question of how his relationship with the royal family is today, Harry replied that he has talked more with the queen in the past year than in very long.

– There is a lot to work on there. I feel betrayal because he has gone through something similar, he knows how the pain feels. And Archie is his grandchild.

– At the same time, always love him, but it has been a lot of pain. I will continue to try to heal the relationship.

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